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Frequently Asked Questions

  • Are we able to have a site visit?
    Yes! We would love to meet you and show you around. Just send us an email to and we will set a time together.
  • Do we need to get insurance to have our event at Rainforest Gardens?
    Yes. You will need to get a Special Event Insurance and a Liquor License if you are planning to serve alcohol. This is an easy thing to acquire and we can send you in the right direction for this!
  • What do you offer with the venue price?
    Great question! Our five acres venue offers parking for your guests, a gazebo or arch for your ceremony, wooden benches for your guests at the ceremony, lights around the property, a bar with a fridge, two beautiful washrooms, signs, and more. Go to our Weddings & Event page to see the list of all the items and services provided! We want to keep the venue very natural and perfect for so many different style weddings and events. You can make the space your own with flowers or decorations within the trees! Please let us know if you would like recommendations for some amazing local vendors.
  • Do you allow animals?
    We love animals! Just give us a heads up so that we can accomodate you. We would recommend your pets are watched over as there are many places to roam and interesting animals to follow!
  • Are there any good places to take pictures?
    Yes! There are beautiful spots at Rainforest Gardens to take photos! You can also take a quick drive to Roberts Memorial Park down the road or Blue Heron Park which is right on the ocean! We would also love to have you take your engagement photos at Rainforest Gardens for no additional fee!
  • Do you have recommendations for vendors?
    Yes! Our team works with many local vendors. Just let us know who you need to book and we will send you some names. We also love meeting new vendors!
  • Are we able to host a different type of event at your venue?
    Yes! Reach out to us for your birthday, anniversary, family gathering, yoga class, boudoir photoshoot, dance recitals, or other special event!
  • How long do you have access to the venue?
    Take a peek at our Weddings & Events Page for more details.
  • Are guests allowed to stay the night at the venue?
    Unfortunately no. We can recommend some wonderful places for yourself and your guests to stay and get ready. Such as AirBnB accomodations around the area, Inn of the Sea, Zuiderzee Campsite, Coast Bastion, Days Inn, and more.
  • Is there a place for the wedding party to get ready?
    We would recommend to get ready at the Inn of the Sea, Coast Bastion, Days Inn, any AirBnB accomodations around the area, or other locations.
  • More Questions
    Send us a message with your questions. We will be happy to answer you!
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